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Stop! Raffle Time.

So, as I am finishing up the edits for The Shulim Cycle Book of Susan, it is time to gear up for the release.

When will that be, you ask breathlessly?

November 17, 2014.

Mark your calendars and expect to hear from me between now and then as I ramp up for the release.

To start that off, I have a Rafflecopter giveaway

I will be giving away signed copies of The Shulim Cycle Book of Susan to 3 lucky winners, a  cover-art t-shirt signed by me to one, a mug with the cover art to one, and free copies of the e-book to 5. Now, Rafflecopter is a viral-marketing raffle site, which means that you enter by sharing. Follow the blog, follow me on Twitter or Facebook. Tweet or comment on this blog. Pretty easy.

The raffle will go from today until October 31.

Please enter and share it.

I also am all sales-like for the first novel.

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Smashwords and Some Thoughts About E-Book Publishing

So, I have added The Shulim Cycle Book of Dahlia to Smashwords with the first chapter of The Shulim Cycle Book of Susan.

I might have mentioned before that this was coming. Well, now it’s done. If you look to the right you will see that I’ve cleaned up my links area a little bit. You will also see links to something called Eduli Springs Book Club for Facebook and G+. No difference between the two locations, just that some people prefer one over the other (like me. I prefer G+). Please feel free to join the group/community on the social network of your choice. As the groups grow, it is going to be my preferred method, outside of this blog, of talking about the books and doing promotion-type things.

If you haven’t read Dahlia, or if you’d like to suggest it to someone, both the Facebook and G+ communities include a Smashwords coupon code to get the book at a discounted price. And I’m pretty much going to do this for each book in The Shulim Cycle. I love my fans that much.

Onto Discussions of E-Book Publishing In General

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What’s that? I smell a shameless plug coming…

So, The Shulim Cycle Book of Dahlia is up for free today and tomorrow (8/5 and 8/6) on Amazon..

Why only two days?

Well, this is going to be the last KDP promotion for the novel. By the end of this week, once my current KDP is up, I’ll also be on Smashwords. The reason being, I can manage coupons and what-not better there.

So, if you have not had a chance to grab the book, here’s your chance to get it free.

If you have, please share a review on Amazon.


Well… a few reasons.

It will help other readers determine if they want to buy my book once the free promotion ends. It helps me get feedback for what works and does not in the book, so that I understand what my readers are actually getting out of the book. And finally … because a lot of avenues for promoting e-books want you to already have reviews on Amazon. I have a few great reviews, but I don’t have enough of them. So please, share your thoughts on the book on Amazon. While your at it, be sure to share a few thoughts about other indie-books you’ve read.

Thank you and good reading.

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Revisiting File Sharing and the Independent Artist

If you’ve been following me a bit, or if you’re new and have checked out my previous posts, you will recall my discussion about File Sharing.

At the time, I had found my book on a download site, in full and for free. I was bothered by this because I was struggling to get sales for my book. Having a site offering it in whole for free, well … that was a bit discouraging. At the time, I had one or two friends urging me not to get too upset by it. It wasn’t, they argued, necessarily a bad thing. Sure, I would get no money for the downloads. It was also exposure.

I still maintain: you really should not put the works of Indie Authors up on free-download sites. It really does take money out of our pockets – especially now that Amazon is starting to pay its authors without a minimum threshold (note: I’ve moved my stuff solely to Amazon for this very reason … … HINT HINT Smashwords). If you’re considering how to share a great book with your friends on line, link to the place to buy it.

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Wh-where am I?

Have you missed me, gentle readers and fellow writers? Never fear. I’m still around. Work … oh work. Life has been busy. Somewhere in between I have been working on The Shulim Cycle Book of Susan and trying to get StreetWraith Press going again.

To update … I’m still working on Book of Susan. I’m taking my time with it, allowing myself the time to make sure I have every scene I want in the book. I’m also trying to save up for professional editing. We’re hoping for an Agent, but I’ll be happy to self-publish it once its done. I’m thinking, if I can swing it price-wise, that I may have Book of Dahlia professionally edited as well. It still has a few mistakes in there and could use a bit more polish that I’m capable of.

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I’m All Interviewy and Stuff

I’m not certain Interviewy is actually a word. Spell-check certainly doesn’t like it. I’m sure you won’t hold it against me.

Anyway. Monday, Aug 19, I’m going to be on the radio! WMNF 88.5 here in Tampa Bay has a great show called Life Elsewhere. It’s a great show. Check it out here. And definitely check it out on Monday. We’re talking vampires.

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Another Promotional Post

Yes, another post about my book. 🙂 I will get back to writing about writing soon. I’ve started school again and we’re getting the website,, going, so I have been extremely busy. I still have a kid around here somewhere too…oh there she is.

Anyway…Please check out my excerpts for The Shulim Cycle: Book of Dahlia. I have the first six chapters available to read on my website at

If you’d like to read the rest, you can download it for free at for three days from Friday March 8 – Sunday March 10 (starting at 12AM PST and ending 11:59PM PST on the respective days). Just go to and download your free, complete copy of my novel.

And thank you for taking time to share in my imagination.

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On Editing and Rewrites

So, as I hope and pray that I can get the last bit of money I will need to meet my Kickstarter goal, I am also working on re-writes and revisions. I am now working on Revision Five. These are mostly minor revisions, things that I and my husband, who has been so wonderful in helping me develop ideas and revise my story, have found that need to be worked on. This might be something as simple as making sure my language is clear to deciding how much information to reveal to my reader about what is going on behind the story and adding some background information about key characters.

I love writing, but I often find revision and rewriting to be tedious work. I’m not finding it so bad this time. I get tired sometimes, and need to step away and just play a game or watch TV or just hang out for a while sometimes. Writing is work just like any other work, and if you don’t let yourself breathe, if you smother yourself in your work, you’ll burn out. But I’m not bored with the story. That is important to me. If I get bored with the story, I can’t really expect anyone else to enjoy it. I’m hoping that the love and excitement I have for this story will come through and that people will really enjoy the book.

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Working on the Novel

So, I’m about 45,000 words into the novel, and at about the half-way point. For a first draft, it is coming together nicely. Since I am having to do this in spare time and the weekends, I feel like I am making a fairly good pace. 

The book is The Book of Dahlia, and it is a first book for a series that has the working title of The Shalin Cycle. The book, in a short blurb, is about a young man named Devon who is undergoing some unusual changes within himself and coming to terms with the result of them. The name-sake of the book is a psychic Vampire named Dahlia, who attends his high school as an eternal Senior. He’s attracted her attention because someone has taken to raping and killing female students, and she suspects that it is him. 

I am looking at a few challenges with the book and the series. The first challenge is one that I realized when writing a section tonight. I have several elements in the book that will become very important in later books, though in this novel, they are little more than a side-tale. The second is that I am slowly stepping my readers into a very complex and fantastic world. In the beginning their introduction to the supernatural will be a psychic Vampire and shared dreams. As the second book progresses, though, that is going to quickly change and the third book is going to step that up further. I’m really going to be asking a great deal of my readers to follow along with me, and I know that if I do it well, they will follow. 

I’m looking forward to the challenge.

edit: The Shalin Cycle has been changed to the Shulim Cycle.


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