Pen Names

So the other night I looked at the Permanent Editor and said, “I’m going to write under an new pen name.”

He looked at me as though I had lost my mind.

So, here is the story.

Circa 2001 I started writing some freelance books for White Wolf Games. I did not have the foresight then to know that I would become Lynn Perretta, so I wrote as Lynn Davis. Fast forward to the future and connecting my work as Lynn Davis to Lynn Perretta is not that easy. Which is a shame because Mage, the game I wrote for, still has fans and with the resurgence in the Classic World of Darkness, I hold out hope that people will seek it out again.

So, you will probably notice if you pay attention that I have Harbin & Klai now under Lynn Davis and not Lynn Perretta. Yes, it is a pen-name thing, not marital changes. Sorry, not sorry, to all of my crushes.

So, I have a pen name for erotica.

I have Lynn Davis for paranormal and fantasy-type things.

Lynn Perretta I am going to save for “normal” things – that is stories that don’t involve vampires of varying types, angels, ghosts, and Nephilim.

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