If You Don’t Like Female Leads in Sci-Fi/Fantasy, You May Want to Rethink the Fandoms You Are In

Bravo to Disney for another female lead in a science fiction movie. It is not the first that a franchise has seen a leading lady, and you would think after the awesome that is Ripley, fan boys would not be afraid of them.

Oh how silly.

The Good Ole Boys are at it again. What amazed me, though, were the handles … specifically the Robotech-inspired handle.

Now I will forgive you if you do not know what Robotech is, but only long enough for you to educate yourself. I know I am decades late in warning but … spoilers are ahead.

Robotech holds a special place in my heart. It is one of the first Anime that I had ever seen. I did not come to it because of a boyfriend, guy friend, or anything else. I came to it by finding it on television before school. I fell in love with it because it had a depth of storytelling that I had never seen in a cartoon before.

I mean, a main character died.

Like on screen even!

I still tear up.

Robotech had its damsel and its male heroes. It also had its strong female characters, some of them with either major parts in ensemble casts or as the main character in their own series.

Looking at you Dana.

With Robotech, I had not one strong female character, but several to emulate. Not only that, but I saw how I could fall in love with a man and still be strong after. In fact, I saw how I could not only fall in love, but let love show me how to be a rebel and fight to make the universe better.

It was a great show, and as a feminist I will still gladly hold up the show for its positive male and female role models.

So I think it is strange that people who are such fans of the show will decry female leads in other sci-fi franchises. Did they pay attention to the source material to their own fandom?

Or are they only fans because their girlfriends like it …


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