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I have decided that I’m going to put some personal stuff up here once in a while. Why here and not over at my author website? My author website is also my portfolio. It just doesn’t feel right to have personal stuff over there. This is my place that I come to talk about being a writer.

Part of being a writer is having a personal life.

So there you go.

I think I’m going to start with cats.

desk clutter and kitty cat

This is Sheba and my very cluttered desk.

As the caption says, that is Sheba. I’ll get to her in a minute.


This is Boo. I named her that for two reasons. It was short for Bubasti (which I decided was her secret name – if you don’t get the reference then I cry for you) and because we would sing “You think you’re a cat but you’re not, you’re just a kitten Boo.” (again, if you don’t get the reference, I cry for you).

Cat and kid

This is Boo, on one of the rare occasions that she decided to sleep with my daughter, Rebecca.

I got her (the cat, not the kid) on July 9, 2002. Unfortunately, the links to the pictures no longer work. I wish I still had them. She was a cute kitten that I found in a pet shop that I stopped at purely by chance. As you can tell from the LiveJournal post, it was love at first sight.

She was a great cat. She was part of our lives until March 28, 2015. The best guess is kidney failure. She stopped eating, and nothing would get her to do more than pick. I took her to the vet that day, and the prognosis, even with hospitalization, was not good. So together, my husband, our daughter, and myself saw Boo off to the great kitty beyond.

Our daughter was very torn up by Boo’s death. She had known Boo her whole life, so her loss was – well it was pretty bad. My husband and I decided that we would take her the next day to pick out a cat from the SPCA. We found one online we thought would be perfect (it turned out no one there could find her).

The result of that trip are these two ragamuffins.


The grey one is Toffee, the black one is Sheba.

Rebecca fell in love with the grey cat. When Nick saw the black cat, he was hooked, and he had to adopt her. Black cats hardly ever get adopted. So we brought them both home. It was a little rough at first. Now, they get a long well. Except that they are both overly picky about the litter boxes, alternating between who uses the floor. We’re working on that – slowly. One of them also seems to think the shower is a litter box that the giant hairless cats (us people) use.

Sigh again.

They are great cats, though. It is hard sometimes. One evening Sheba was laying on my computer chair. Trying to get her to move, I started to call her Boo. That was what Boo would always do. They do their own things too. Sheba enjoys sitting on my desk, especially by the window. So I have that open every day.

I notice that the house across the street gets a lot of package deliveries and stuff …

It makes you wonder.

So there you go. We have cats and I’ll probably talk about them a lot because they are funny animals. I might even share more pictures.

When I’m not talking about writing.

So, have fun.




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