So, I have finished editing draft three of Shulim Cycle Book of Susan.

So what is next?

Well, I made changes through this draft, so there will be some rough editing that needs to be done – making sure language flows, I don’t get too repetitive within a scene, things like that.

And, of course, I have more additions to make.

But, don’t worry. It won’t be that bad. I just have a few more scenes that need to be added to smooth out the story so that stuff that happens later makes sense and is expected by the reader, even if Devon and Marilyn are clueless.

Sorry, finishing a draft always puts me into a mood. Today, I feel very Master. No particular reason. Maybe it’s just that the movement from perspective to perspective has me feeling a little nutty.

I’m hoping that this next edit will be the last of the big development edits and that I’ll be ready to move on to the hard copy edit. For that, I would love to have a professional to go over it, but … well, on that we shall have to see. I’m still at the struggling writer end of the author spectrum, so, yeah. But if I can get an editor, that would be great. It isn’t the stigma of self-editing. I can get over that. It is that, well … how to explain …

It would be very nice to have someone outside of my head, practiced at editing, to go over the work. It means another set of eyes to catch things that I may miss. It also means someone reading and listening to the prose who is not the one writing it. Meaning that they are hearing the voice and tone objectively, to see if it is smooth and if it works.

If they also happen to catch any continuity issues that I miss, all the better.

Anyway, if all goes well with this next edit, it should not be too long before the second book is ready.

A little about the story …

Devon is recovering from a devastating confrontation at the end of Book of Dahlia  – and I won’t spoil any more than that. He begins work his training and work as an EMT and tries to juggle that, school, and a budding relationship with Marilyn. As Marilyn tries to get closer to him, however, Devon finds that he has to pull away. Dark thoughts and urges make themselves known, and Devon is left to wonder just what he is becoming.

In Book of Susan, I explore Devon and Marilyn’s complicated relationship and begin reaching out in the story, picking up the other players in The Shulim Cycle. Juliette, Dahlia’s mentor, appears to help with a rather stubborn problem (can’t say more, otherwise, I spoil Book of Dahlia) and help Dahlia protect her interests in Devon. We learn a little more about the relationship and animosity between Dahlia and her rival psychic William. I also introduce Darius, an ancient Sanguine vampire who is somehow tied to Marilyn.

What is that tie? Well, that’s a little bit of a spoiler. But, it does have something to do with an ancient city in the Land of Shin’ar, Ur Shulim, the Summit of the Four Regions, whose center spire reached to the heavens. A city said to be touched by the children of God.  At the heart of The Shulim Cycle is a curse wrapped in a betrayal.

lu Ur Shulim dalahu ina kan namlugallu

And that’s it for tonight. If you have not done so, please join the Facebook group. Aside from here and my Facebook page, that is where you will see news about my progress and when you can expect to see The Shulim Cycle Book of Susan released. It is also where I plan to give sneak peeks … like maybe chapters.


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