Out of the Darkness and into the Light of Day

I know, it’s a bit melodramatic for someone who has merely left employment to come home, spend time with the kid, right, and finish a degree. I can’t help myself, though. There is something about waking up the first morning after your last day at work, knowing that you don’t have to go back.

No more people yelling at you, cursing you, and telling you what a horrible human being you are.

Why yes, I did work in Customer Service. How did you ever guess? To be specific, I worked as an escalation representative for a major bank.

Hey wait! Where are you going?

Okay, I know. Banks, especially the big ones, have a bad reputation. Believe it or not, though, working for one does not require checking your soul at the door. I didn’t have to sign forms in triplicate to get it back when I left.

Of course, I’m not defending them either. They have the reps they have for a reason.

But I’m not really concerned about that. To be perfectly honest, I don’t bare my previous employer any ill will. While the job could be taxing at times, I did enjoy it. It had some high points, it had some low points.

In other words, it was a job.

But it was not the career I wanted, which is ultimately why I left.

But I digress.

I’m not really concerned about justifying or demystifying the reputations that companies have. I am thinking, though, that I would like to write about my experiences, not just with my previous employer, but in the financial industry itself. I’ve worked for a brokerage firm, a small regional bank, and a big mega-bank. looking at it, I have a lot of experience I can draw upon and write about. So, yeah, I’m adding a new section to the Writer’s Manifest: my Memoir.

I hope you enjoy.


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