Oh Good Lord!

It can’t have been this long since I wrote on this blog! Sorry guys.

I have been busy with work and, I will be honest. I have been goofing off a little bit too.

But I am starting to get back to the writing … or I should say the revisions for The Shulim Cycle Book of Susan. I’m at that fun and aggravating part of revision, where I’m deciding what things I really like and don’t like in the first draft and what I might want to change. I am actually looking at something that I put into the first draft that is very important, but … because of everything else going on, there is just not the time or place to really explore that importance. I’m thinking that its discovery would probably have more of an impact, and create more tension in the third book.

I’m also joining writing communities, which means I should probably put stuff here. Cause, you know, when trying to get your name out there, they should probably see what it is you’re doing.

What else have I been doing, other than working on the BoS revision? Well I have this little project as well: Ravensveil. I am an avid gamer and love MMOs. When I had the opportunity, albeit by paying money, to get into an Alpha, I did not hesitate. I enjoy it. I get to flex my creative muscles in a different way, which is nice. Sure, it is a huge time sink, but … it is just so much fun. I blog about it as well, though the last few weeks have been slow blogging, mostly because we’re in the slow part of content release.

The Permanent Editor has also started taking me to movies on a regular basis. As a result, I have been writing up movie reviews. I put them here: StreetWraith.net. Bay Side Stories should also start getting some new life soon. We’re trying to prioritize our time a little better so that we can get some regular posts going and get reviews for the books that were sent to us like … what, a year and a half ago? I feel like I bit off way more than I could chew with the project, but I did learn a good lesson. And I really do like reviewing books and finding ways to use my lit studies to examine them. It was just … it was a second almost full-time job when I already work full time and all.

Unfortunately, I’m not really ready to put up any excerpts of Book of Susan yet, or I’d share those. Right now, I’m looking at ways to really delve into my different vampires. While in Book of Dahlia, I spent some time with the psychic vampire Dahlia, she was not the focus of the story, so I did not spend too much time exploring her kind. I am introducing the Sanguine, the classic blood-drinking vampire, so I have a chance to explore the differences and similarities between the two. Right now, I’m exploring the psychological effects of eternity.

The fun of editing and revision. 😀

Anyway, that’s it for now, otherwise I’ll just start rambling. Until next time, good reading and writing, everyone.


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