Revisiting File Sharing and the Independent Artist

If you’ve been following me a bit, or if you’re new and have checked out my previous posts, you will recall my discussion about File Sharing.

At the time, I had found my book on a download site, in full and for free. I was bothered by this because I was struggling to get sales for my book. Having a site offering it in whole for free, well … that was a bit discouraging. At the time, I had one or two friends urging me not to get too upset by it. It wasn’t, they argued, necessarily a bad thing. Sure, I would get no money for the downloads. It was also exposure.

I still maintain: you really should not put the works of Indie Authors up on free-download sites. It really does take money out of our pockets – especially now that Amazon is starting to pay its authors without a minimum threshold (note: I’ve moved my stuff solely to Amazon for this very reason … … HINT HINT Smashwords). If you’re considering how to share a great book with your friends on line, link to the place to buy it.

That being said, it happens. It will continue to happen. And … it is not always without benefit to the author.


I’m narcissistic one of those people who occasionally Googles herself or her books to see if anyone is talking. Recently I did this and found more download sites for The Shulim Cycle Book of Dahlia (linkies to Amazon). I decided to check this out to see if it was free download or something else. I found free downloads … and two sites that invite Users to comment on the books. I also had comments. I had short little mini-reviews of my book. And some  of them were great. I almost cried. I was touched. For those curious what others think of the book:

Site Reviews

More Site Reviews


These sites are more than helpful to would-be down-loaders. They are actually helpful to authors because it is feedback from people who read the book. I’m going to keep looking for these, and when I find them, I am going to blog them. These are reviews for my book. Sure, they’re from people who didn’t pay for them. On the other hand, most people who have paid for the book haven’t bothered to review it (to the ones who have YOU ARE AWESOME!).

They are still reviews from people who read the book. I will take it. So, expect more of these to show up here and on the FB pages.

For my fellow authors … I’m not linking the sites because I don’t want to whistleblow. If you Google your book title with PDF, you should find them easily enough. Note: the site that wants your Credit Card is NOT one of them. Google and look, you’ll find them. The comments are right under the cover image of the book. See if you have reviews, and if you have, trumpet them. This is another part of the reading community. We all know people choose to download for free for a number of reasons. If they have the consideration to share their thoughts, well – there ya go. A review you didn’t think you had.

Good night. Happy writing and happy comment hunting.



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