Wh-where am I?

Have you missed me, gentle readers and fellow writers? Never fear. I’m still around. Work … oh work. Life has been busy. Somewhere in between I have been working on The Shulim Cycle Book of Susan and trying to get StreetWraith Press going again.

To update … I’m still working on Book of Susan. I’m taking my time with it, allowing myself the time to make sure I have every scene I want in the book. I’m also trying to save up for professional editing. We’re hoping for an Agent, but I’ll be happy to self-publish it once its done. I’m thinking, if I can swing it price-wise, that I may have Book of Dahlia professionally edited as well. It still has a few mistakes in there and could use a bit more polish that I’m capable of.

I got an itch to work on my science fiction idea as well. Dystopia this one is. I had originally thought to give it a happy-ish ending. Looking at the idea again, I don’t want to do that. The inspiration for it is not happy – at all. Why should the story get to end happy? No, I’m thinking I should keep the story true to its inspiration. The difficulty: plot. Well, not plot per se. I mean, I have the plot. Events that carry the plot, I think, are the problem. You always want to see something happen in a story that gets wrapped up somehow. You know, so in so falls in love with who’s it. Frodo takes the Ring to Mt. Doom. With this one, I don’t really want to do that. I want to carry the reader through a milieu and let them really feel what has happened to this world. That will be challenging, because at no point in this eventless story can I allow the reader to feel stagnated or bogged down.  I will need, I realize, to come up with mini-events that don’t feel like events. At the end of the story, I want my reader to come away having been enraptured, but when they are asked “what is this story about?” I don’t want them to answer with an event. I want them to answer with an effect.

Anyway… it’s short fiction. I don’t see it being more than a few thousand words unless I come upon something that really grabs at me. I’m going to try, I think, to get it published in a magazine. Here’s hoping on that.

Well, off to other things. Good writing all!


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