It’s that time again…

Time to query agents.

So, here’s what I like about doing this. I’m doing something. I’m not ready to tackle the story in Book Three just yet. I’m still putting finishing touches on Two. It needs to get its BIG EDIT. I’m still in Two-Land, so it’s just not time to move into Three yet.

But I can’t just be idle either. Not that finish touches and pre-BIG EDIT editing is idle, but you know what I mean. I’m still. I’m in this nebulous spot of pre-publishing. So, I launch out there with dozens … nay hundreds (I broke down and got 2014’s Guide to Literary Agents) … of query letters. I’m doing something productive!

I joke now, because I’m nervous. I’m scared of the first batch of rejection letters that will surely come. Most agents are polite in them, but no one wants to see the words, in any form, “I’m just not that into you.” So, I keep a light-heart, so that the rejections don’t sting too badly and if – pray if – I get that letter of interest, I am all the more elated – you can toss up a light heart higher than a heavy one.

And here? Here I ramble. Sorry.

What, say you, of self-publishing? Oh, never fear. I’m pushing on with that. Still planning to launch The Shulim Cycle Book of Susan in December. Let us face it, though. Self-publishing is tough. For every self-published author out there making bank, there are hundreds of us going “Um, yeah, hello? I have this book here that I know you’d love to read” or “Oh, it’s great that you bought my book … um, would you mind leaving a word about it so others might grab it too?” Self-publishing is great in that it gives voice to so many people, and I will not knock it.

I also would not turn down that dream contract, if any Agents are reading this.

And all that rambling done… I’m off to pulling more agents out of my big book o’Agents. Have fun everyone and … good writing.


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