Oh god, where have I been?

Short answer? Busy.

Long answer: stereotypical. Not going there.

So it’s been work and what-not. I’m editing the book. Almost done with round-one edit. Partially started on round-two edit (at least the first couple of chapters). Hoping that the Kickstarter will be successful so I can have a professional round-three edit.

Hint. Hint.

I’m not shameless. I’m an independent author.

I’m also kinky-blogging. Alright, I’m not blogging anything pornographic or even all that shocking. I am, however, blogging about alternative interests. One, it’s fun to talk about them, but they don’t 1. belong here if they don’t involve writing and 2. don’t really belong on my FB or G+ as there are very likely people there who don’t want to see me go there, even if I go there in non-graphic ways. And yes, this is an off-shoot of my writing on Yahoo! Voices. It’s also my reaction to having an article denied. Not knocking Yahoo! and I am hoping my next article is approved. Lesson learned, though. With Yahoo! it is all or nothing on submissions. No second changes.

Yahoo! is a demanding Domme.

Not much more tonight. I’m sure I’ll be blogging between sections tomorrow. Until then… happy writing everyone!


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