Taking a small break from editing Book of Susan.

This stage of editing is the content edit. I get to do lots of writing, as I have to flesh out scenes, change a few presentations, and move stuff around a bit. I also have to add stuff. I knew I would. I had wanted to get the first draft penned down, so I ended up skipping some bridge scenes, things that I knew I would need to have but were mostly transition from point to point.

I had been worried about how big Book of Susan would be. When I first looked at the project, I saw that I had so much narrative ground to cover, that I was afraid it was going to be too big. I had considered cutting it into two books. When I was about half-way through the draft, though, I was afraid in the other direction. I was afraid that I had over-estimated what I had, that the story wouldn’t be long enough. When I got to the end of the draft, however, I was just under my 100k target, knowing that I still had scenes that would have to be added in, and some things that would likely get fleshed out or expanded.

Right now, I’m into Chapter 5, and I’m just shy of 10k over where I was in the first draft at that point. If I keep the same pace word-count wise, I should be about where Book of Dahlia was on word count. That’s good. I know, word count is totally a mechanics thing. It is, though, an indicator of what’s in the narrative. If I have a lot of stuff happening and not a lot of words, I know I need to expand some ideas out, get more showy and less telly. If I’m too many words beyond my target (looking at being in the neighborhood of Book of Dahlia), then I might need to look at what I’ve included and decide if scenes are really needed. Sometimes it is okay to tell, especially if I’m telling a transition from point to point.

Speaking of Chapters. That is one thing I am liking here. I’m not sure if this is a product of just how Book of Susan is paced, a product of learning from Book of Dahlia, or both, but I’m liking how much better Chapters are shaping out. I’m finding it easier to pace my chapters, and I’m happier with how they’re put together. That is important, and I think it was one of my weaknesses with Book of Dahlia.

Anyway, that’s it for that. I need to get back to writing. I’m supposed to finish this draft of Chapter 5 today. I’m supposed to do Chapter 6 tomorrow, though I may try to work two Chapters in for rewriting tomorrow. Depends. I bought new nail polish (I’ll admit. It’s black.) and I’m thinking girly nail-painting time with the daughter might be fun too. My time for writing today was cut short. Why?

Next post. 🙂


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