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I was driving home one day, and I was thinking (fantasizing) about setting up at a local flea market (which I plan to do soon) to sell copies of The Shulim Cycle: Book of Dahlia. I was thinking to myself what it would be like if someone from my past made an appearance. The particular individual was the original inspiration for the main character, Devon, from when I was a teenager and writing the short story that would later become the series I am working on. I thought about how happy I would be to see him and introduce him to the family. I would especially like to introduce him to my husband, who helped me develop the character of Devon into who he is now.

And I wondered. Would time stop? Would I discover in that moment when worlds collide, the world of my teen life and the world of my adult life, that I am not actually me at all. I am actually a character in the mind of Winnie Calhoun (another character I made up who is a writer as well and how I explore angst over family relationships). Would I find that world just frozen, or would it fall apart, leaving me sitting in front of a hall closet in an apartment, looking at bridal magazines that I had discarded and crying because the dreams that I had were crushed by a cruel reality (one that has nothing to do with the boy from my teen years or my current husband).

Confused yet?

Try being in my head. However, I find that this idea, I want to hold onto it. I’ll need it later when I begin exploring the concepts for The Taelan Cyle.


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