On Editing and Rewrites

So, as I hope and pray that I can get the last bit of money I will need to meet my Kickstarter goal, I am also working on re-writes and revisions. I am now working on Revision Five. These are mostly minor revisions, things that I and my husband, who has been so wonderful in helping me develop ideas and revise my story, have found that need to be worked on. This might be something as simple as making sure my language is clear to deciding how much information to reveal to my reader about what is going on behind the story and adding some background information about key characters.

I love writing, but I often find revision and rewriting to be tedious work. I’m not finding it so bad this time. I get tired sometimes, and need to step away and just play a game or watch TV or just hang out for a while sometimes. Writing is work just like any other work, and if you don’t let yourself breathe, if you smother yourself in your work, you’ll burn out. But I’m not bored with the story. That is important to me. If I get bored with the story, I can’t really expect anyone else to enjoy it. I’m hoping that the love and excitement I have for this story will come through and that people will really enjoy the book.

So, if I can raise the money I am hoping to through Kickstarter, I’ll be finishing my revisions and sending the book off to an editor to find out what things I’ve missed in my own editing and revision. I really want that. My husband is a good reader, and he can pick out a lot of things, but he also knows the story very well. He helped me develop the ideas and flesh out characters, so he is very close to the story. I need someone who can go into it without foreknowledge about the story, read it, and tell me what needs to be tightened up, clarified, resolved, and tied together. I also need to know that my characters come across on the page the way I envision them, and the best person to tell me that will be someone who is meeting them for the first time.

Once that is done, I’ll write the final revision based on the Editor’s recommendations and get it ready for publishing. That will mean deciding on final cover designs for soft-cover, hard-cover, and e-book editions. It will mean settling on formatting style. Once ready to published I want to also have copies printed to use for promotion locally. If I can generate local interest in the book I can build on that and hopefully expand that further. My goal for officially publishing the book, all things going well, is December. That gives an editor time to review and me time to rewrite.

Once that is done, I’ll be able to begin really focusing on Book Two, which is planned out and outlined, though the writing of it has only just begun.


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