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A Break from Writing – Gaming

My Facebook feed has gotten a little busy the last couple of days over Dungeons & Dragons 5e Player’s Handbook. Now, I will apologize in advance for not being able to link back to any official statement from WotC (Wizards of the Coast for you non-gamer types) for this. I did a Google search, and the only things I can find are blogs talking about it. I did not, however, find WotC backing up and going “Woah, woah, wait a second. We’re not trying to tread new ground here” and several of the people sharing the news are themselves industry insiders (that’s where I first heard it from, and insider I follow on Facebook). So, going by the ethos of those sharing and no back-peddling from WotC, I’m going with legit.

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I’m editing The Shulim Cycle Book of Susan right now, so I have my eye toward things the help. I found this handy little list of things to avoid, thanks to several friends on Facebook.

You can find it here.

Don’t say I never attribute or cite. :D

And now, time to do a little work. I hope you are as amused by it as I was.

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Oh Good Lord!

It can’t have been this long since I wrote on this blog! Sorry guys.

I have been busy with work and, I will be honest. I have been goofing off a little bit too.

But I am starting to get back to the writing … or I should say the revisions for The Shulim Cycle Book of Susan. I’m at that fun and aggravating part of revision, where I’m deciding what things I really like and don’t like in the first draft and what I might want to change. I am actually looking at something that I put into the first draft that is very important, but … because of everything else going on, there is just not the time or place to really explore that importance. I’m thinking that its discovery would probably have more of an impact, and create more tension in the third book.

I’m also joining writing communities, which means I should probably put stuff here. Cause, you know, when trying to get your name out there, they should probably see what it is you’re doing.

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Thinking About Angels

I’m thinking about other stories again … not a movie this time. I’m thinking instead of a television show: Doctor Who. I will happily admit that I am an avid fan of Doctor Who. I have on my desk right now a tiny Dalek model laying siege to a Yahtzee tumbler that is designed to be the Tardis.

Anway, I was thinking about the Episode Don’t Blink. Oh, and um,

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The Matrix of a Woman

So, I’ve gotten to watch the Matrix (original … the series goes downhill from there) a few times over the last week, since BBC America keeps showing it. I swear, they have more American shows on than British shows. 

Anyway, as I’m watching, I’m paying attention to the character of Trinity because, well, I think she’s awesome. It isn’t just the tight black outfit. The character is smart, resourceful, and strong-willed. She is a capable soldier and, when she needs to be, a capable leader. She is a female character is a science fiction movie who is also a love interest. She is also not a damsel in distress. 

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*Pokes Head up out of the Ground*

Oh hi guys!

Yeah, I’ve kind of been burying myself in Landmark. Linkie pops to my fan site. Worth every penny for the Trailblazer pack. Games’s patching right now, and I suddenly found myself in a strange place …

Nothing to do.

So, I thought to myself – self, you’ve been neglecting your blog. So, here I am, to jot down a few things.

Still in the editing phase of Book of Susan. That’s going slow by design. I have gone through it, and decided the important things that need to be added or expanded. I’m supposed to put it down for a couple of months now, and come back fresh to do those additions and rewrites. That way, I can look with fresh eyes …. blah blah blah. Honestly, I’ll be doing good if I stay away from it.

In the meantime, I’m trying to decide what project to work on. The permanent editor would like me to work on a Non-Shulim Cycle novel. I have a few ideas tossing around in my head, but I’m having trouble deciding which ones have the staying power and depth to be novel material. Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on that, I suppose. The question is, do I want to stay in paranormal, go off to high fantasy, delve in a little science fiction, play with steam, go into other modern fantasy ideas that I have, or try my hand at a mundane literary story.

That is the ultimate question, because I have lots of ideas that fill all of them. I just have to make up my mind, I guess.


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Revisiting File Sharing and the Independent Artist

If you’ve been following me a bit, or if you’re new and have checked out my previous posts, you will recall my discussion about File Sharing.

At the time, I had found my book on a download site, in full and for free. I was bothered by this because I was struggling to get sales for my book. Having a site offering it in whole for free, well … that was a bit discouraging. At the time, I had one or two friends urging me not to get too upset by it. It wasn’t, they argued, necessarily a bad thing. Sure, I would get no money for the downloads. It was also exposure.

I still maintain: you really should not put the works of Indie Authors up on free-download sites. It really does take money out of our pockets – especially now that Amazon is starting to pay its authors without a minimum threshold (note: I’ve moved my stuff solely to Amazon for this very reason … … HINT HINT Smashwords). If you’re considering how to share a great book with your friends on line, link to the place to buy it.

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Pachelbel’s Book

So many years ago, I was a music major in college. I won’t discuss how many years ago. Just go with it.  One of the things I had the opportunity to study was musical theory. Now, if you really listen to music, not just pop music – all genres fall victim to this, you will notice something. If you rip away the fancy parts of the songs and take away the lyrics, they sound the same. At their basis, their root, they are the same.

Does this mean that all music sucks? Not exactly. You see, what you’re hearing is not a repeat of the same song, exactly. You are hearing the repeat of a progression, usually the Major Progression. The best example of this comes from Pachelbel’s Canon, which if you listen you can hear on any station on the radio – not the actual song, but other songs that use the same D-Major chord progression that Pachelbel used in his iconic canon.

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Wh-where am I?

Have you missed me, gentle readers and fellow writers? Never fear. I’m still around. Work … oh work. Life has been busy. Somewhere in between I have been working on The Shulim Cycle Book of Susan and trying to get StreetWraith Press going again.

To update … I’m still working on Book of Susan. I’m taking my time with it, allowing myself the time to make sure I have every scene I want in the book. I’m also trying to save up for professional editing. We’re hoping for an Agent, but I’ll be happy to self-publish it once its done. I’m thinking, if I can swing it price-wise, that I may have Book of Dahlia professionally edited as well. It still has a few mistakes in there and could use a bit more polish that I’m capable of.

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Really? No One Wants Vampires?

This was essentially one response I received earlier this fall. Too many vampire books on the market, and they just didn’t think they’d find a place for mine.

That is just … frustrating to be honest. I can’t go into a bookstore without finding yet another release of a vampire-related book. Let’s not even get into the latest fare of vampire-related TV shows and movies. I listen to people around me talk about the cycle of vampires, and how its going down, but I don’t see that. Hell, even Vampire: the Masquerade is getting a resurgence.

You might feel that there are too many vampire books on the market, but don’t tell me that publishers aren’t buying them and churning them out. No, better feedback is needed. Publishers are churning out the material, so don’t tell me there is not a market. Instead either tell me you’re trying to get out/not wanting to get into the vampire story market or tell me what it is about my story that makes you think it doesn’t work for the market.

But don’t feed me a line. I’m writing to agents, not spin alley.

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